Anita, sciatica


“I had heard of Bowen Technique before but never tried it. Having come to the end of trying Osteopathy, deep muscle massage and Physiotherapy for my sciatica, I met up with Lorna. She immediately puts you at ease and I found the sessions wonderfully relaxing and enjoyable. They also made a positive difference to my sciatica and I’m well on the road to recovery much faster then the other therapies."

Alison, hay fever


“I came to see Lorna as I was suffering severe hay fever symptoms – sneezing, runny nose – antihistamines seemed to be of little use. After only one treatment, the result was unbelievable. I was completely symptom free and remained so for the remainder of the summer months.


I can thoroughly recommend Lorna as a Bowen Therapist. She is extremely caring and competent. She listened to me and made me feel very relaxed.”


Sue, asthma


"I went to see Lorna following a prolonged chest infection which 3 courses of antibiotics had failed to clear.  After a couple of treatments my breathing was much improved giving me the opportunity to return to my usual active lifestyle of playing golf and walking.


Lorna was very professional, thorough and caring in approach and I would have no hesitation in recommending her.  Many thanks Lorna for your help."


Doris, knees, fatigue & anxiety


"Had painful knees and had anxiety issues. Lack of energy and shortness of breath.

After treatment, my knees felt so much better.  Breathing and energy improved and I had a far more positive attitude.  All in all, a great success!"


Klara, lower back pain


"I suffered with lower back pain which over the course of six months progressed from just a mild level to the point where I was starting to find everyday activities like driving and having to sit for prolonged periods at work really painful. The final straw was when I started to limp because of the severe pain.


I found Lorna to be extremely professional and knowledgeable about the course of Bowen treatment I decided to try.The treatment was gentle and initially I did wonder how this could reduce my pain. After my first session the improvement in mobility was noticeable and the pain was much reduced.I continued with a full course of treatment and have now been pain free for nearly one year. 


I would not hesitate to visit Lorna again,if I experienced any further similar problems."


Cathryn, hot flushes, various aches & pains


"Pleasant and relaxing course of treatment. Resulting in more energy and significantly reduced hot flushes!


No hesitations in re-booking for a top up!"


Hannah, long term migraine

"Having Bowen has changed my life! I suffered with migraines for 10 years, having as many as 3 a week. They made it difficult to work and live a normal life. Since meeting Lorna, I am so much happier and virtually migraine free. Lorna is a wonderful lady who is very passionate about Bowen and her clients, I recommend her to anyone who I think might benefit from seeing her."


Mike, painful calf strain


“ Being a seasoned runner, used to running 10-15 miles during training sessions, it's not unusual to pick-up high level muscle strains that force rest and recovery for at least 2 to 3 weeks. This occurred last autumn, threatening end-of-year training with a very painful calf strain that also made it difficult to walk. One visit to Lorna and the intense pain had diminished to a small ache. I was then able to manage an 8-mile Cross Country run on difficult terrain only 48-hours after treatment. Highly recommended, unbelievable results with relaxing 'pain-free' treatment.“


Dawn, painful post operative scar tissue


“I just want to say thank you for all the time you gave to me and all my ailments. Not only did you give your time but your care and concern were second to none."


Jane, lower back pain


“I had a lower back pain and also very painful shoulders possibly due to a heavy and busy work load. I contacted Lorna who applied Bowen. This was not only very relaxing, but also a wonderful experience with great results as the following day I had no pain! I can thoroughly recommend Bowen.


I also have a Basset Hound who also found the experience beneficial. Bo was always happy to see Lorna and he would lay on his back (not the best position) as Lorna applied Bowen Treatment. Each time he would fall asleep!"




Denis, severe long term ankle pain


“A very pleasant and relaxing experience resulting in instant pain relief. I had suffered with my ankle for many years and I can whole heartedly recommend this treatment. "